Business Administration Graduate - Calvin

Business Administration Alum and U.S. Army Soldier Says You Can’t Go Wrong at Globe University

As someone who has deployed overseas three times during his military career, Calvin Wynn says he is “first and foremost a sergeant in the United States Army.” He is now also a graduate of the business administration program at Globe University-Madison, and says the things he learned have helped him be a better leader.

“The business administration program teaches you the skills you need to do accounting, management, scheduling and [make decisions]. What I like best is that I’m gaining the confidence in myself and my abilities to be able to get not just the job that I want, but the career,” says Calvin. “I already feel like I will want to come back to Globe as an instructor so that I may do for future students what Globe has done for me.”

One thing Globe University has done for Calvin is offer support from the time he enrolled up to his graduation, and beyond.

“The faculty show genuine care and concern for the students and their success,” says Calvin. “Globe gives you the tools you need to succeed, especially the career services team, who are truly dedicated to getting you into the career you want when your education is complete.”

Calvin also got one-on-one help from his instructors, thanks to Globe University’s smaller class sizes, which he says means a better, more personalized education.

“[My instructors] always gave real world experiences in a personalized manner that helped us understand more completely the course material,” explains Calvin. “Allowing us to hear their real-world experience punctuates the importance of the lessons they teach.”

Calvin says he has worked many jobs he didn’t enjoy and that he chose to attend Globe University to learn what he needs to know so he can find a career he will enjoy.

“I aspire to be a successful business person, and by that I mean that I want to make enough money to have a comfortable living, in a comfortable house, with a comfortable family and take comfortable vacations,” says Calvin. “Somewhere along the line, I’d like to start a bakery or a small restaurant, as I enjoy baking and cooking.”

Globe University could very well help Calvin achieve his goals, and he had such a positive educational experience that he recommends it to others who may be considering earning a degree.

“Globe caters to students. You can’t go wrong,” he says. “Not only will your education be top notch and fun, but you will also have the best opportunity to get the career you want.”

Visit the Globe University business administration program page to learn more.