Massage Therapy Graduate - Holly

Holly Darling was a stay at home mom to three boys when she decided she wanted more. She desired to do something for herself while her kids were in school, so she chose Globe University because of the flexibility and convenient location. Holly is now a graduate of the massage therapy program at the Woodbury campus and is working in a career field she loves.

“The massage therapy program was incredible. It really helped with my confidence in knowing I can help my clients, and I have all the tools I need to do so,” says Holly. “It is an extremely rewarding career.”

The flexibility of the program allowed Holly to continue being a mom while going to school and finding a job. She enjoyed the hands-on experience she received in the classroom and says her instructors, as well as her close-knit group of classmates, were instrumental to her success.

“The instructors I had were amazing,” she says. “They were flexible, motivating, knowledgeable and patient.”

Educational User Experience also played a key role in Holly’s learning. She says iPad™ technology was a great advantage.

“There are apps out there to help with remembering muscles, trigger points, different modalities and quizzes to help prepare for national exams,” Holly says.

Holly’s educational experience helped her land a job she is passionate about. She interned at a chiropractor’s office and was hired on.

“It is the most rewarding job,” she says. “I absolutely love helping clients feel better and heal through touch.”

Holly is unsure what the future will bring, but she does know she has found her place as a massage therapist.

“I take life one day at a time, so who knows where that may lead me. But for now, I am happy where I am and hope it continues,” says Holly. “I also want to take continuing education to learn more in my field.”

Visit the Globe University massage therapy program page to learn more.