MBA Graduate - Nakesha

MBA Graduate Enjoyed Flexibility of Online Program

After receiving her undergrad degree at Globe University, Nakesha Stanley wanted to continue her education with the MBA program. She says the online learning experience was not only convenient but enjoyable.

“I loved the flexibility of taking classes online, which allowed me spend more time with my son. I liked being able to contact my teachers via e-mail, phone or IM,” says Nakesha. “I liked being able to still do presentations and group work while being online. The forums sparked interesting class dialog and feedback. I also liked the diversity within the classes; we had business owners and students from different parts of the U.S., as well as from other countries.”

Nakesha also appreciated that her instructors had experience in the field of accounting, which her degree program focused on.

“The instructors were very informative and gave great pointers. They answered questions in a timely manner,” says Nakesha. “Although we were in a virtual setting, they were still hands-on with the class. They all had adequate credentials; some were CPAs, business owners or worked for successful companies, so they were able put us on the right track to reach our goals.”

The hands-on experience was a plus for Nakesha, as well as the general business courses that helped her understand the larger scope of her studies.

“I liked the classes Globe offered to get you prepared for real-world situations. I liked the fact that at GU, students got a chance to work hand-in-hand with real companies using real data and experience live conditions in their field of study,” Nakesha says. “GU provided big-picture view points and thinking. It got me to thinking about the importance of my position and how each piece affects the other, which is crucial to running a successful organization. I apply this learning at my work place today.”

Nakesha currently works in the accounting department of my company and says she would like to use her skills for a cause.

“I’m passionate about helping people strive to be the best they can be, especially financially. I would like to help with family budgeting, tax preparation and financial planning for businesses.”

“I will start the process of getting my CPA certification and licensing in the near future. I strive to help others as well as myself. I try to lead by being a good example for my son, as well as others, and setting the target high so he can exceed it. I believe I’m a good mother, humble daughter; faithful friend and family member, and I attempt to live my life daily in this manner.”

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