Medical Assistant Graduate - Stephanie

Globe University Medical Assistant Alumna Motivated by Family and Career

Twenty-six-year-old Stephanie McCutcheon says her family of four young boys and husband is what keeps her motivated. That’s why she decided to go back to school to earn her medical assistant degree from Globe University-Woodbury, which was conveniently located to both her home and work. She is now a graduate of the medical assistant program and working in the field.

“Without my children I wouldn’t have went back to school and finished my degree,” she explains. “A piece of paper didn’t seem like a big deal to me until I then realized I have a family that relies on me.”

Stephanie says her hands-on education prepared her for a career as a medical assistant because she’s doing everything she learned in school.

“Being in real-life situations helped me understand what it was going to be like on a daily basis,” she explains. “It makes it easier when you’re actually working in the field. You have the experience and know how everything works. It is the best way for me to learn and really grasp a situation and get a feel of what it’s really like.”

“The instructors understand what their students are going through and don’t try to make you feel overwhelmed or that you can’t handle something,” says Stephanie. “If you need help with something you don’t have to wait a couple of days. They care about your future and want the best for you. I honestly don’t think I would have succeeded during the difficult time I was going through without a very special instructor helping me along the way for the last couple months of school.”

Stephanie says she doesn’t regret going to Globe “for one second,” and that her career is very rewarding.

“[I work at a blood and bone marrow transplant clinic, and] I absolutely love my job and wouldn’t change a thing about what I do,” she says. “My patients ask me all the time, ‘Why do you drive all the way from Somerset, Wis.?’ It sounds crazy, but distance doesn’t matter when you work with cancer patients. Life is too short, and they keep me going just like I do with them.”

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