Veterinary Technology Graduate - Kelsey

Globe University Helped Veterinary Technology Alumna Pursue Her Dream Career

Kelsey Everson was hired as a veterinary technician at Bay East Animal Hospital before she graduated from the veterinary technology program at Globe University, and she says there was never another choice in her life for a career.

“When I was as little as 3 or 4 years old, I told everyone I was going to be a veterinarian,” Kelsey explains. “We’ve always had animals from the time I was born. It was truly my destiny to do this, and that made it easier to get myself through the rigorous classes in college.”

Globe University’s career services department helped her land her dream position by critiquing her resume and going over job interview techniques.

“Working with career services really helped develop my professional skills and my resume because they worked with us every step of the way,” Kelsey says.

The career services staff weren’t the only ones who supported Kelsey during her education. Everyone from instructors to the financial aid department to the front desk staff are always available to tend to students’ needs.

“I chose Globe because everybody was there to help you, and they were more than willing to work with you if you had a problem,” she explains.

Kelsey enjoyed the hands-on learning, community engagement and the use of iPad® technology involved with her program. Globe University also prepared Kelsey with the practical skills needed for a career in her field.

“They provided the knowledge we needed, but also the ability to practice skills before we actually got into practice through hands-on learning and technology,” Kelsey says. “The classes where very interactive.”

Visit the Globe University veterinary technology program page to learn more.