Veterinary Technology Student Graduate Kellie

Kellie Raether began her education studying psychology at another institution. She decided to switch to veterinary technology, and when she heard about the opening of the Globe University-Green Bay campus in the fall of 2010, she enrolled right away.

A graduate since December 2012, Kellie enjoyed her experience at Globe University. She liked the small class sizes and how knowledgeable and helpful the instructors were.

“The instructors had experience in the field, so they not only taught us the standards, but at the same time they would say, ‘In real life it’s a little different, so let me show you,’ and that was really nice,” she says. “I could always ask questions, ask for help or come in if I needed to.”

Kellie currently works part time as a CVT at Oak View Veterinary Hospital in Green Bay. She also works with Cats Anonymous, a nonprofit organization that works to reduce the number of semi-feral and feral cats in Northeastern Wisconsin by promoting, educating and advocating the Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) method.

“I found out about [Cats Anonymous] and got involved through school,” Kellie explains. “I didn’t know much about it or what Trap-Neuter-Return was.”

In the future, Kellie would like to continue strengthening her vet tech skills. She is interested in animal behavior, and is learning a lot from the veterinarian she works with at her clinic who specializes in the topic. She also wants to continue her work with Cats Anonymous.

“I’m really proud to represent Cats Anonymous,” says Kellie. “There are a lot of feral cats where I’m from, and I enjoy telling people that there are options. I also really like educating people about pet care in general.”

Visit the Globe University veterinary technology program program page to learn more.