College Community

Globe University is more than a college. It is a vibrant community where you will find countless opportunities for networking, socializing, volunteering and learning outside the classroom.

Make the Most of Your Experience

Make the most of your college experience by taking part in our student associations, events and community projects. In doing so, you will develop valuable professional relationships, lifelong friendships and a deeper understanding of your role in the community.

Student Associations and Campus Events

Can we invite you to participate in a professional club, campus service organization or another student association? It’s a great way to hone your leadership skills, meet students and staff, and generally get involved.

No time? Well then, be sure in drop in on campus events. For example, the calendar on the Globe University student website once offered the following:

  • Music Business event in Minneapolis
  • Rochester Student Ambassador sale
  • DEX business club competition
  • Richfield Book Club
  • Brooklyn Center parenting seminar
  • Blaine Minnesota Food Share drive
  • St. Cloud’s Medical Club
  • Woodbury Student Ambassadors host a challenge to rebuild a school in Tanzania

Service Learning and Community Service

Our students are motivated by a desire to serve—and they usually have fun while doing so. Every degree program at Globe University incorporates service learning into the curriculum. You and your classmates will participate in projects that allow you to develop professional skills while serving the community.

Community service is a broader category that includes almost any unpaid activity that benefits the community. Students and staff from Globe University have cleaned parks and roadsides, tutored at-risk children and fellow students, and repaired houses in low-income neighborhoods. This is a great way, in just a few hours, to expand your circle of friends and presence in the community.