Life After High School

Life after High-School

In a world filled with endless options, figuring out what you want to do with your life after high school can be overwhelming.

There is college, the military and countless jobs to consider. Your parents may be pushing you in one direction, counselors in another and your friends in yet another.

But what matters most is what you want to do.

Sit down with one of our high school representatives to sort through the options. Your parents and friends are welcome to join you. Our representatives can help you determine if college is the best fit for you.

Position Yourself for Success

If you determine college is the next step for you, we’ll help you dig deeper to make sure you are positioned to meet your long-term goals.

Our admissions representative will help you sort through:

  • Degree programs: We have more than 30 paths you can take to get started in your career.
  • Financial aid: See what options you qualify for to help pay for college.
  • College admissions: We keep it simple and help you at every point in the process.

Call 651-332-8032 or contact admissions to arrange a one-on-one meeting to help identify what YOU want out of life after high school.

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