International Students

Welcoming Students from Around the Globe!

Learn how we prepare students from a variety of cultures for the global employment market.

Globe University welcomes students from around the world. The staff at Minneapolis is well experienced in meeting the needs of our international students from application to qualified employment opportunities.

We realize there are complexities and challenges in becoming a US student, and we are ready to assist with your needs. Globe has an open-door policy and we are always here to help you with your new life in the US to your academic concerns. Our downtown Minneapolis campus offers F1-Visa holders and other eligible international citizens a great environment for pursuing an education and potential employment while studying at Globe University.



We offer a wide variety of degrees and programs at our downtown Minneapolis campus including:

Graduate programs 

Doctoral degree

Master’s degrees

Undergraduate programs

Bachelor’s and Associate’s degrees

International admissions


To learn more about Globe University, contact our Minneapolis admissions team at 612-455-3000 or send us an email