Military Student

Military-friendly college programs

As a military-friendly school, Globe University, recognizes the sacrifices you have made as a member of our military, the hardships you have endured, the special circumstances you face as a student and the unique perspective your experience brings to our campus.

We know the transition from military service to college and civilian life is not always easy. However, we strive to make it as smooth as possible. Whether you are a member of the Army, Marine CorpsNavy, Air Force, or Coast Guard, we are dedicated to providing you first-class service and support to help you achieve your academic, personal and professional goals. A college degree, diploma or certificate is a wonderful way to open new opportunities in both the military and in civilian life.

Full Support for Our Military Students

Our dedicated military staff is here to help make sure that all of our military students receive the attention and quality education that they deserve. We will be with you from the moment you initially contact us and beyond. Give us a call or send us an email if you need help finding a degree program that fits your career goals or if you need assistance applying for GI Education Benefits. We are also a Service members Opportunity College.

For assistance with benefits, educational or non-educational, please feel free to email us at

  • Rick Johnson, military student services support lead, GySgt USMC (retired)

Service-member Benefits

We offer dedicated support services to our military students for the sacrifices that they’ve had to make. Below is information regarding our military scholarships for all honorably discharged, reserve and active-duty servicemembers:

  • Military Active Duty/Retired Scholarship
  • Military Advantage Scholarship
  • Purple Heart Scholarship

College Credit for Military Training, CLEP/DANTES

Globe University offers college credit for U.S. military training. These are granted under standards of the American Council on Education (ACE), beginning with four college credits for Basic Training. Application of credit to a program is dependent on the program involved. Our staff will help you with the process of evaluating your experience and training for credit or advanced placement. Please contact your dean of education about the process of applying for credit.

Your Joint Military Transcript (Army, USMC, USN and CG) is requested when you enroll. Our registrar reviews for all credits pertaining to your course of study.

We offer a variety of degree options in our academic programs, both on campus and online.

Get in touch with a Globe University admissions representative today in order to receive the full benefit of your military service. If you are interested in learning more about GI Bill Certification and education benefits from the GI Bill, contact a financial aid representative at your campus.

Take action today and receive the maximum benefit from your military service. For information about GI Certification and GI Bill® education benefits contact the financial aid department at your campus, contact our military student services department at