Air Force

The following admissions guide is designed as a resource for Air Force students, including airmen (active duty, reservist and retired), spouses and dependent family members who are preparing to begin college degree programs at Globe University.

Military Student Services

If you have any questions about military benefits, or would like assistance with any phase of the application and registration processes, contact our military student services department staff member toll-free at 1-866-342-3505 or email our Veterans department.

Step 1 – Apply for Admission into a Program

Complete an online application or request an undergraduate application or a graduate application and mail it in to the campus you will be attending. Please be sure to check and fill in the military veteran information under the military information portion of the application.

Step 2 – Request Official Civilian Transcripts

Request official transcripts from any colleges or universities attended. College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests (CLEP Examinations) may also be sent in for evaluation.

The Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) is no longer accepting transcript request electronically like the other military branches. This is the ordering info you will need; the student has to SIGN the form or it will be rejected. You might want a few originals signed just in case you need to mail another one.

You need the FULL Name used in the AF (double check, don’t assume), DOB and last 4 SSN.

  • Mail to:
  • 100 South Turner Blvd
  • Maxwell Gunter AFB AL 36114-3011

Step 3 – If Applying for Financial Aid

Visit our financial aid page for steps on how to complete your FAFSA.

Benefits and Support for Air Force Students

In addition to assistance with applications for education benefits, our military student services staff members are is ready to answer questions or provide support throughout your time at Globe University.

Need help determining which college program will help you make the most of your military training? Looking for other vets at your campus? Need to find the right resource to help resolve a non-academic issue related to your service? If we can help in any way, contact us toll-free at 1-866-342-3505 or email our Veterans department.