A military student services staff member at Globe University is always ready to answer your questions, help you with an Army Education Benefits issue or help you select a college program that is best for you.

Below are instructions on how to get started. Call our military student services staff member anytime at 1-866-342-3505 or email our Veterans department.

Step 1: Complete transcript request form for credits from other institutions

  • The Transcript Request Form authorizes us to request a transcript on your behalf.
  • Complete one form for each institution previously attended.
  • Official CLEP/DANTES test score transcripts may also be sent in for evaluation. DSST Examinations
  • CLEP Transcript request and DSST Transcript request

Step 2:  Military Transcripts

When a military student enrolls, our system sends an email to the military students service department. For the Army, USMC, USN and Coast Guard , your JST (Joint Service Transcript) is ordered the same day. Normally the JST is emailed back within 24-72 hours for transfer of credit review. The Air Force still requires an original signature on a Request for Transcript form. Your campus admission and education staff will have an Air Force service-member sign and then mail to the CCAF. It normally takes about 10 days for the CCAF to send the campus your transcript.

For Army Reservists and National Guard:

Step 1: Apply for admission into your academic program

Complete an online application or request an application and mail to the campus you will be attending.

Please be sure to check and fill in the Status, Branch, and Current Military Installation under the Military Information portion of the application.

Step 2: If applying for financial aid

Visit our financial aid page for help with the FAFSA form.

In addition to assistance with benefit applications, the military student services staff members at Globe University and its affiliate school, Minnesota School of Business can answer your questions or provide support.

Need help determining which college program will help you make the most of your military training? Looking for other vets at your campus? Need to find the right resource to help resolve a non-academic issue related to your service?

If we can help in any way, please call our military student services department toll-free at 1-866-342-3505 or email our Veterans department.