Hospitality Management Degree - Military - Nancy

Nancy Charlton enjoys traveling and experiencing other cultures. She also wants to pursue a career where she can make others feel at home, which is why she’s studying hospitality management in the business program at Globe University.

“The name itself is what initially drew me in. I believe firmly in diversity, and I wanted a school that focused on educating people from around the world. I chose to attend the Minneapolis location, which is the international headquarters,” Nancy says. “Learning about different cultures and experiences is education in itself, and that is exactly what I found at Globe.”

In addition to the diversity of the student population, Nancy loves that the knowledgeable, experienced instructors are always willing to help their students succeed.

“Each instructor has something unique to offer, but they all have a commonality: they are experts in their field. I haven’t yet come across and instructor who wasn’t able to work with each student in a way they could understand,” Nancy explains. “They are very accommodating, engaging, challenging at times, and also know how to have a great time because they all seem to love what they do.”

That support from her instructors and those around her has helped Nancy envision her future.

“I now serve in my country’s armed forces, am about to graduate and continue on to achieving an MBA in my dream career,” she says. “There is absolutely no turning back, and I want nothing more than to help others along the path that would also make them feel fulfilled in his or her life.”

Overall, Nancy says her educational experience at Globe University has been one of the best things to ever happen to her.

“Even if you are unsure about what it is you want to do with your life, Globe can assist you along the way,” she says. “Education is not just about sitting in a classroom and taking tests. Globe is ahead of the game in terms of knowledge, cutting edge technology, communications and networking. Learning should be fun, and Globe gives us that.”

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