IT Student - Dave

David Duncan says attending Globe University has rekindled his passion for learning. Having been in the workforce for many years, he decided to go back to school and says he has been warmly accepted at Globe. He is enrolled in the information technology program at the Globe University–Woodbury campus, and he says the educational user experience  learning model has given him many options for his education.

“I work full time and go to school full time. Learning with the use of numerous iPad apps fits very well with my on ­the ­go lifestyle, and it’s given me another option for studying. Educational User Experience has brought a more interactive and intuitive feel to my education,” David says.

David is a food and beverage industry professional hoping to shift his career to blend both his IT education and food and beverage experience into a new position within his current industry. He believes Globe is setting the course to allow him to do just that.

“I came to Globe with an associate of applied science degree in IT from another highly respected institution. However, Globe has provided me with a much wider range of resources and coaching, not only specific to my IT training, but also to enhance my awareness of self and the world through social and soft skill-building classes,” says David.

David says the Educational User Experience learning model has taken his education to a level he would use in the real world.
“The flexibility and mobility allow you to take in information more at your pace and your ability to fit your lifestyle,” he says.
He also appreciates the knowledge and experience of his instructors, blending academics and real-world study.
“The instructors certainly lead by example in professionalism and by challenging students to think beyond today and never give up the search for tools and knowledge that will enrich our lives,” David says.
David has a particular interest in web design, and says all of his courses have been excellent in providing education for his career by furthering his web development skills and abilities.

“The IT coursework provided at Globe University continues stay on the forefront of industry standards by having IT program chairs being able to frequently network with IT professionals,” David says.