Massage Therapy Student - Andrew

Andrew Walker says he had a tough time after his father, a Vietnam War veteran, passed away in 2007. He failed out of two colleges and didn’t feel as though anyone cared about his educational success. Andrew is currently in the massage therapy program at Globe University-Eau Claire, and his experience has been nothing but positive.

“Ever since I first walked in the door for an application the staff at Globe University has been the best I have ever encountered,” he says. “At Globe University you are not a number, you are a person. Everyone knows you by name, always says hi, and wonders how you are doing and how classes are going.”

That personal connection Andrew has with the faculty is what he says gives him the confidence to keep going – something he didn’t have at other institutions.

“The instructors are all the best I have ever had. The staff is always there to help you no matter what you want to talk about,” he says. “At Globe, it’s like we are all family.”

Andrew enjoys playing baseball, bowling and fishing, but he chose massage therapy because he is most passionate about helping people and wants to pursue a rewarding career.

“I love that you can go in so many different directions with massage therapy. You can go for sports, cancer, clinical, hospice or therapeutic. I am choosing massage for cancer patients because that’s what my father passed away from,” says Andrew. “After seeing all the pain and suffering that he endured, I want to do anything I can to help ease that pain and suffering.”

Andrew says he appreciates the diversity of the program and the career training Globe University provides him.

“When I first came to Globe for massage I thought that it was just for relaxing purposes. Then I went to anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, pathology and all the classes that we take and everything that we learn about the body,” says Andrew. “With all the diseases that massage can help with and everything it can do for someone, massage therapists are miracle workers in way.”

Visit the Globe University massage therapy program page to learn more.