Medical Assistant Student - Rochelle

When Rochelle graduates she will be just the second person in her family of 12 to receive a college degree. She is currently enrolled in the Medical Assistant program at the Globe University-Woodbury campus, and feels as though it has been life-changing.

Rochelle Riles knows the value of hard work and a good education. In 2001, she moved to Minnesota from the south side of Chicago, Illinois, in order to raise her family in a better environment.

“I went right to a shelter. I started from nothing. I got a job at Mervyn’s in Maplewood Mall and I worked myself on up, and then I came to Globe,” Rochelle says of her journey to higher education.

“It helped me to improve myself as person. I got so much more quality of life. I just know that the more I do for myself, the better odds my kids have,” Rochelle says of her educational experience and motivation.

Rochelle feels she has become more independent and can do things on her own due to her education at Globe, but knows if she needs it, she can go anywhere on campus and ask for help.

“I love Globe. I’m going to always remember Globe, and I’m going to always remember the instructors. My experience has been unforgettable.”

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