Medical Assistant Student - Katilee

A career as a medical assistant is a natural fit for Katilee Zentner, who says she is passionate about caring for people.
As a student at Globe University-Appleton, Katilee says enrolling was the “best decision ever.”

Katilee likes that the campus is small and that she is able to receive a lot of one-on-one attention from her instructors, who have made her educational experience all the better.

“I love the teaching styles of all of [the instructors],” she says. “They make it fun to learn, and will help you 110 percent and make you feel comfortable for the day we hit the field.”

Hands-on training and applied learning are the backbone of Katilee’s education, and she enjoys that her program focuses on preparing her for the future.
She appreciates that everyone at Globe University is there to help her succeed.

“The staff have experience in the field; they truly work with you,” Katilee explains. “They care.”

Katilee also cares for her own loved ones, who serve as an inspiration for her going to school.

“[My] family is my everything,” she says. “That is all another reason to better my career and by going to Globe. It makes it fun and easy.”

Visit the Globe University medical assistant program page to learn more.