Medical Assistant Student - Sara

Sara Herrick is a medical assistant student at Globe University-Madison, and she says her experience has changed her perspective.

“This time in my life has been wonderful. I have three beautiful kids and an amazing boyfriend who has pushed me to be a stronger and more independent person,” Sara says. “Before I felt like I was in a daze and didn’t stop to look up at anything around me. I have opened up so much, and I am beginning to realize what I want in life.”

The small class sizes, flexibility and easy access to her instructors are among the many things Sara likes about attending Globe University.

“It’s a great school, [with] more hands-on learning,” she explains “I’m able to have a schedule that’s good for my family and work life.”

Sara says she enjoys the career-focused education she receives at Globe University, and she’s passionate about the medical assisting field.

“They give us the classes specifically for our program we are going for,” she explains. “I love my anatomy classes. The body just fascinates me.”

Sara says she has started a bucket list, and graduating is just one goal she has in mind for herself.

“I hope to finish school with good grades and learn as much as I can. I also want to better my education for my children because they deserve the best,” she says. “Sky is the limit!”

Visit the Globe University medical assistant program page to learn more.