Paralegal Student - Elizebeth

“Before I came to Globe I realized that I couldn’t just keep working the part-time jobs, and I really wanted to finish my education,” she says.

Elizebeth is now in the paralegal program at the La Crosse campus and has secured a position with a law firm a year before she is set to graduate. Part of Elizebeth’s success is due to her instructors, whom she says are always focused on the students and are willing to help in any way possible to ensure they succeed. She also appreciates that her instructors are working in the legal field.

“I like that classes are smaller and there is more of a personal and direct relationship with the instructors,” says Elizebeth. “They work with you on a personal level, but they treat you like a professional.”

That professionalism is practiced every day in the classroom, as Elizebeth and her fellow students are expected to write professional emails, dress more professionally and call in for absences. The career- and student-focused curriculum is another thing Elizebeth likes about Globe University.

“Everything is based around us. It’s focused on what’s beyond just looking for a job,” she says. “They’ve really prepared me for my future.”

With the flexibility of class schedules, Educational User Experience learning style and online courses, Elizebeth is able to work full time, earn her degree and still do the things she enjoys. She likes taking her dog for walks, boating, hiking and spending time with her friends and family, but says her career is her true passion.

“I love what I do and that I can go to work every day and never get sick of it,” says Elizebeth. “I know that I am helping other people that may not be able to help themselves.”

For more information on the paralegal programs, contact admissions.