Paralegal Student - Monira

She moved to Minnesota from Santa Clara, Calif., three years ago just because she wanted a change. She has previously earned degrees in law and early childhood education from other schools but is currently enrolled in the Paralegal program at the Globe University – Minneapolis campus, where she says she is having the time of her life.

“I’m learning something new every day and discovering different avenues of legal subjects,” says Monira. “I love the hands-on learning and unique assignments.”

Now in her fourth quarter at Globe, Monira says she felt at home from the first day she stepped on campus. The inspiring instructors, knowledgeable staff and positive environment all contributed to her decision to make an education at Globe her next adventure. She also says Globe’s reputation and small class sizes were what attracted her to the school.

“ldquo;My instructors are wonderful. They have provided guidance and allowed me to benefit from exercises in fact analysis, legal reasoning, and document drafting,” Monira says about practicing various paralegal skills through applied learning projects.

After she graduates, Monira hopes to get a job doing something related to law, but for now, she is simply enjoying her experience at Globe.

“I have loved every minute,” Monira says. “It has been so valuable in terms of personal growth, building confidence and learning lifetime skills. I am so proud to be a student at Globe University.”

Visit the Globe University Paralegal program page to learn more.