Software Application Development Spotlight - Derek

Derek Emery says he is a very determined person and is passionate about creating a life he will enjoy. He is currently pursuing a degree in software application development at Globe University-Wausau and hopes it will help him achieve his goals.

“It is early in my degree [program], but I feel like I have already learned so much,” Derek says. “I feel like by the time I graduate I will be able to go into a job interview with the skills and confidence that will be needed.”

Derek enjoys learning the skills he needs though real-world examples and hands-on experience.

“My favorite part is being hands-on with the computers and learning how they work by actually performing the steps to do something, rather than reading it out of a textbook or sitting through a lecture,” he says.

Like most students, Derek also appreciates the support he receives from the Globe University faculty and staff.

“The atmosphere on campus is amazing. It’s a really relaxed setting, and I feel like no matter where I turn there is always someone that is willing to help in any way that they can,” he says. “Everyone is so friendly and just all around inviting.”

Derek says he first became interested in computers while in high school. Technology may be at the forefront of Derek’s program, but it’s also incorporated into all Globe University programs as part of the Educational User Experience.

“My iPad® has helped me out so much with my courses. I can do just about anything on it,” he says. “I have taken notes, read books, looked up definitions, and sent and received important emails from my instructors, all at the tip of my fingers.”

Visit the Globe University software application development program page to learn more.