Vet Tech Student - Taylor

Taylor Lahr is passionate about animals. To turn that passion into a career, she enrolled in the veterinary technology program at Globe University-Wausau because she says it was the only school in the area that offered a real, hands-on experience with the animals.

“As a Globe student, we have the privilege of working with local humane societies and getting those animals the medical care that we can offer to hopefully help them get adopted,” she explains. “Whether it be the surgery class assisting in a spay or neuter [procedure] or hematology analyzing their blood for blood disorders. Not only that, but the love the animals show in return is pretty great, too.”

Taylor also appreciates the small class sizes and flexibility at Globe University.

“It really allows you to take your learning into your own hands and make it fit your lifestyle,” says Taylor.

Globe University also takes the time to focus on students as individuals.

“You’re not a number or the 50th person with the same name that they’ve seen that day,” Taylor says. “You’re you, and the instructors take the time to get to know you and your strengths and weaknesses. Then they give you the tools to help you succeed.”

Part of what helps Taylor succeed is the one-on-one attention from her instructors.

“The instructors at Globe are wonderful. There isn’t one that isn’t willing to go out of their way to offer you help when you need it,” she says. “It doesn’t matter if they have to come in early or stay late to fit your schedule, I’ve had an instructor do either one just to help me understand a concept better.”

Taylor grew up with a single mom who did everything she could to make sure Taylor had what she needed. Taylor hopes to one day open her own Pitbull rescue because she believes animals deserve that same respect.

“Not only am I working hard in school, but I’m recently engaged, and am now planning a wedding and taking the next step in my life,” says Taylor. “I guess you could say my life is changing for the better, and Globe has been a big part of that.”

Visit the Globe University veterinary technology program page to learn more.