Veterinary Technology Management Student - Heidi

Heidi Hansen has always had a love for animals and medicine. When she didn’t feel like she fit in at a large four-year university out of state, she decided she wanted to pursue a bachelor’s degree in veterinary technology management and found her place at Globe University-Woodbury.

“I was ready for a change. I decided on a whim to move up here and everything just fell into place. I found a great school and was enrolled and starting classes in a month,” she says.

Heidi says the admissions staff made it easy for her to transfer her previously earned credits and begin her education at Globe University. She enjoys the friendly instructors, hands-on learning and engaging curriculum.

“I finally feel like I’m right where I need to be and that I’m in the right career path,” says Heidi. “I’m excited to come to school and learn about something I’m passionate about.”

In addition to gaining foundational skills to prepare her for a career, Heidi says the Educational User Experience learning model has also contributed to her educational success.

““It’s been great having technology in the classroom. The iPad makes our learning experience more fun. We can take interactive classroom quizzes and play games, as well as take notes,” Heidi explains. “It’s also a great study tool with various apps, and I like that I have all my books on the iPad, so I don’t have to carry around a heavy backpack.”

Heidi has had such a positive experience at Globe University that she wants to return as an instructor someday.

““I’ve thought about coming back to teach after working for a while as a vet tech because I feel so comfortable here,” she says. “I want to give others the great experience I’ve had.”

Visit the Globe University veterinary technology program page to learn more.