Veterinary Technology Student - Deeanna

DeeAnna Laine wants to make a positive impact in the world, and she says her education at Globe University is helping her do that. DeeAnna is a student in the veterinary technology program at the Green Bay campus and enjoys the positivity she has experienced there from day one.

“Everyone was so friendly and welcoming,” she explains. “I love the teachers and their willingness to help you understand the information.”

The vet tech program is like most at Globe University, in that it incorporates real-world, hands-on training to prepare students for the workforce.

“I love that it’s hands-on and that we get to actually practice what we learn in class,” she says. “[It’s] a huge self-esteem boost to know what you’re learning is actually sticking.”

DeeAnna’s educational experience includes classes that are small and personal, and incorporates technology to give her what she needs to succeed.

“The iPad® [is] so helpful. We get all the resources we need to stay up to date, and teachers are always reachable through email,” explains DeeAnna. “I just feel like such an individual, not just a student in a school.”

As for her future, DeeAnna hopes to make a difference by using her skills to help others.

“My dream is to start a dog shelter in a big city where I can hire homeless people who are willing to work and get a second chance,” she says.

Visit the Globe University veterinary technology program page to learn more.